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After dicking around for a few months, the National Hockey League and its players and owners finally got their shit together and realized that it was time to play some god damn hockey. In honor of the Boston Bruins making their season debut against the New York Rangers tonight, the Dumpster is filled to the brim with hockey today. Here are a couple of videos that’ll get you amped up for tonight…

Shit like this makes me remember how much I missed this sport. As for the Bruins this year, the shortened season couldn’t favor them anymore. For starters, most of their roster is the same as last year, with just a few exceptions. That familiar chemistry will be so important given the fact that the team had like a week to get ready for the season. Meanwhile, much of their roster stayed fresh during the lockout by playing overseas, so it shouldn’t take long before they shake off the rust and start to gel again. Losing Tim Thomas is huge, but Tuukka Rask could very well be the answer for this team in net for years to come. He’s shown that he can hang amongst the top goaltenders in the NHL when given the opportunity, but can he handle the full-time gig? That remains to be seen. Nathan Horton is back to full health, while the team also added Chris Bourque (son of Ray Bourque) and defenseman Aaron Johnson to give the team more depth. The biggest addition of the offseason? Might just be Dougie Hamilton. If this kid is as good advertised, the Bruins will have a No. 1 defenseman for the next decade. Either way, I bet you’ll hear this playing at the Garden from time to time.

We here at the Dumpster couldn’t more excited for this season to get started. 48 games in 99 days? Fuck yes. It’s going to be grind for a lot of these teams just to get a rhythm going early on, so the B’s could be a step ahead of the competition if they get off to the right start. Adding to the excitement is the elimination of the West Coast trips. Give me Montreal, Buffalo, Ottawa, and Toronto five times this year! Give me the Penguins, Flyers,  and the Rangers three times! Who the fuck cares about a game in Phoenix in early February; let’s get straight to the games that matter! Anyway, cheers to the all the hardcore hockey fans out there who are itching for this season to get underway. Maybe, with a little luck and a healthy 2013, we could see the Cup make its return to Boston…

Boston Bruins v Vancouver Canucks - Game Seven

And for those of you who aren’t Bruins fans and are curious about what the rest of the NHL will look like in 2013 …well, I don’t have time for that shit. But you can check out this video below for a look at the landscape of the entire NHL this season. Thank me later.

PS: Don’t Poke the Bear!



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