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If you are a basketball fan by any means, then this is quite possibly the worst thing you can ever imagine…

From ESPN: Northern Illinois broke its own NCAA Division I record for futility Saturday by scoring just four points in the first half at Eastern Michigan. The Huskies had 13 points with 3:56 to play but found their scoring touch late to lose 42-25.

Northern Illinois trailed 18-4 at the half after shooting 1 for 31, including 29 straight misses. Earlier this season, Northern Illinois set the record for fewest points in a first half in the shot clock era with 5 against Dayton on Dec. 1. 

The Huskies’ 3.2 percent field goal percentage in the first half also set a record, breaking Savannah State’s 4.3 percent against Kansas State on Jan. 7, 2008. 

Oh. My. God. That is just terrible. You couldn’t pay me to watch a performance like this. You miss 29 straight shots?!? Like, how can you not try and just get to the free throw line?!?!? HOW DO YOU NOT SCORE MORE THAN FOUR POINTS IN A 20 MINUTE SPAN!?!?!?! I just don’t get it.



Again, when you miss 29 STRAIGHT SHOTS against a team like Eastern Michigan, it might just be time to cut the program. Or maybe NIU will just call up these chicks from the bullpen. I bet they would fare better than the Huskies did today.


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