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I’m guessing that didn’t feel so good. This isn’t not quite on the same level as Willis McGahee or Shaun Livingston, but it’s still pretty ugly.

As you can see, Nerlens Noel, arguably the nation’s best rim protector and a legitimate candidate to be taken No. 1 overall in this June’s NBA Draft, won’t be playing basketball for Kentucky again this season.

The Wildcats weren’t contenders this season anyway, but not only does this affect his playing future (he missed a year of high school with a left knee injury), it also seriously hurts the depth of this year’s potential draft class. To all the lottery-bound teams in tank-mode: an already weak crop of NBA prospects just got a lot weaker.

Sidenote: Maybe it’s the flat-top, maybe it’s the gruesome knee injury, but Nerlens Noel and Boobie Miles might as well be the same person at this point.




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