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Last night in the Dumpster, we discussed Nerlens Noel’s gruesome knee injury and what it means for the state of college basketball. Well, tonight I have the displeasure of bringing you another awful injury to one of the most promising young players in a different sport.


This is the face of the Ottawa Senators: Erik Karlsson. He won the Norris Trophy last year, which is given to the best defenseman in the NHL, at just 22 years old. He is, quite possibly, the top offensive-minded blueliner in the league, and is well on his way to being one of the best defenseman the game has seen in quite some time.

This is a video of Erik Karlsson’s Achilles tendon being slashed in half by Matt Cooke’s skate. Personally, I don’t think this clip does this injury justice. It might not be as disgusting as watching someone’s knee bend in six different directions, but I’m willing to bet it’s twice as painful.


Seriously, of all the awful, most painful things you can encounter, tearing your Achilles tendon is near the top of the list in my book. Now, with that being said, imagine having it sliced in half with a sharpened blade? That might just be the most painful thing I can imagine ever happening in life. Almost like getting stabbed in the armpit, or shot in the grundle…

Okay, maybe not that bad. But I’m still glad I don’t even know how to skate.


(That’s me.)

So, with Erik Karlsson, one of the NHL’s brightest stars, sidelined indefinitely, the attention will be turned to one of the game’s most hated goons: Matt Cooke. You might remember that the Pittsburgh Penguins’ left wing was responsible for ending Marc Savard’s career a few years ago with a brutal elbow to the head.

 This dude simply has a history of playing dirty. Even though he’s “pledged to change his game”, Cooke is notorious for taking things too far. However, the million dollar question is this: was the incident with Erik Karlsson intentional? That’s for you guys to decide. I guess that’s for the league to decide too, but the Dumpster followers are much more important.

It’s just a damn shame that the NHL is losing one of its young guns. It’s also a damn shame that in the last few weeks alone, phenoms like Rajon Rondo, Nerlens Noel, and now Erik Karlsson have all gone down with ugly injuries. Mediocre NBA players like Leandro Barbosa are dropping like flies too! Say it ain’t so!!!!!!!


These guys should all just be thankful they went down like poor Marcus Lattimore did back in the fall. That, my friends, might be worse than getting shot in the grundle.


Sidenote: While we have potential villains like Matt Cooke on the brain, why not bring you some of the dirtiest cheap shots in sports history. Why? Because the Dumpster keeps it real…


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