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As if this season couldn’t get anymore exciting, last night was yet another banner night for college basketball. Minnesota knocked off No. 1 Indiana, Memphis lost for the first time since December, and the mighty Florida Gators were handed yet another SEC road loss.

There was a lot of talent on display in that Florida/Tennessee game, in particular, between Mike Rosario, Kenny Boynton, Jordan McRae, and, with apologies to those who don’t enjoy foreshadowing, Jarnell Stokes. However, the one image from last night that completely caught my eye actually had nothing to do with college hoops:


Yes, this picture is real. This is Isaiah Stokes, the younger brother of Tennessee forward Jarnell Stokes. Jarnell is a 270 lbs. sophomore for the Volunteers basketball team and an All-SEC caliber player. Even at just 6’7″, Jarnell is a walking double-double who averages 12.6 points and 9.2 rebounds a game, and is a huge reason why the Vols are in the hunt for the NCAA Tournament after an ugly start to the season.


As you can see, Jarnell Stokes is a pretty big dude. That being said, his younger brother Isaiah is a couple glasses of milk away from towering over his 19-year old brother. Let’s look at Isaiah again, shall we?


He literally looks like he’s going to eat that little kid. Now, you might ask why a light-skinned version of Dikembe Mutombo is playing peewee football, but truth be told, Isaiah Stokes, the hulking human being in the picture above, actually belongs on that football field. That’s because Isaiah, much like that tiny little pipsqueak running away from him in the image above, is in 8th grade. That’s right, that giant mountain of a man you see on your computer screen isn’t even in high school yet.


I’m skeptical too, my man. 

So let’s recap things for a second: Isaiah Stokes, the younger brother of a 19-year old college basketball phenom in the making, stands at 6’7″, weighs nearly 220 lbs, and is just 13 years old. He is already dominating on the football field (as you can imagine from the picture above) and is also dominating in AAU basketball. Stokes scored 29 points and 8 rebounds in a highly publicized AAU tournament outing recently, and is already being heavily recruited by several schools, including Tennessee, even though he’s still a couple years away from driving a car.


I shit you not when I tell you that the kid on the left is 13 years old

Isaiah Stokes already has the size to play in college, yet he hasn’t even set foot in high school. His brother Jarnell has worlds of talent, and from all early observations, Isaiah has inherited those skills and then some. Even if he never grows another inch, you have to figure he’ll be a stud in the distant-but-near future with the right amount of coaching.isaiah-stokes

But what if he keeps growing? No seriously, are we looking at the NBA’s first 8-footer? Will he grow to be a solid 7’3″, yet run the floor like a guy half his size? Whatever happens, the sky is the limit for this kid. Remember the name, because odds are, Isaiah Stokes will be dominating in something, somewhere in five years. While we’re it at, let’s look at that picture one more time…


Yikes. It’s official: Isaiah Stokes is the scariest 8th grader to ever walk the face of the Earth.


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